Bible Reading 101

I have never been that great at reading the Bible. It’s almost like prayer — the intentions are good, but following through is less than stellar.

I’m working my way through the Bible, and am almost though with the book of Psalms. That has been a huge book to read, with 150 individual psalms in it. Reading through such a large book is almost like eating an elephant. You have to do it in small bites, one at a time.

I know I’m not alone in the challenge to read the word of God on a daily basis. So, I have some tips to help you get there. Continue reading

What Is My Motivation

Today’s post is sort of a follow up to yesterday’s when I wrote about developing a healthy ego.

To recap, a healthy ego is one that desires humility over glory.

I’ll be honest that I struggle in this area. I work on the air in radio. When praise and accolades come along, it is easy for the ego to soar. When this occurs, humility soars out the window.

And, that’s where I want to dig down today with one simple question…. Continue reading

Sucking the Ego

Spring break was last week. In between all the activities with the family, I had a little time to think and reflect on a few things.

Maybe something I’m going to share on this blog hits you where you’re living. With an estimated seven billion people in the world, surely this will resonate with one of you.

Today’s topic is the ego. I’m not talking in terms of Freud’s id, ego & super-ego. I’m not going to go that technical. Instead, i want to discuss the ego that drives how we perceive ourselves. Continue reading

What Happens When You Leave a Church Staff

The last day of 2013 was my last day as part of the staff of Restoration Church in Springfield. It was one of the most relieving days I’ve had in a while, but probably not for the reasons you may suspect.

My experience with Pastor John Cremeans and everyone else at the church was utterly fantastic. For a church in it’s first year, John has assembled some of the finest leaders I know.

But, for a couple of months I had suspected our year-long journey there was coming to a close.

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Seasons Come…Seasons Go

Busy life = No blogging

That’s the honest truth. 2013 was a very busy time in my home. We spent the year doing ministry with Restoration Church in Springfield. Great bunch of folks, and its strange not being around them on a day-to-day and weekly basis.

Our commitment time with them ended at the beginning of this year. While we miss our friends there, the end of the year brought about change for us. Seasons come…seasons go.

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What to do About Dying Churches

Yesterday, I wrote about the former Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments regarding the Church of England’s declining attendance. He famously stated that the church was a generation away from extinction.

That may apply to the Anglican church, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to other brands of Christianity. One thing is sure, whether you travel through Europe or America, there are certain areas where the Church appears to be struggling to reach people. I think I may know why.
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Is Christianity At Risk of Dying Out?

This question has surfaced after the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, warned that Christianity is “a generation away from extinction” in Britain.

The story in the UK Telegraph is based on comments this month from Lord Carey at the Shropshire Light Conference at Holy Trinity Church in Shrewsbury. He was discussing the decreasing numbers of people in the Church of England. But, is he right? Is Christianity a generation away from being an afterthought? Continue reading

What Jabez Has To Do With Me

Stuck in the midst of the Old Testament are the books 1st and 2nd Chronicles. These books detail a lot of the history of the biblical Jewish nation.

Part of what you also find are genealogies, which are sort of like a history of the individual families and tribes in Israel. The genealogy was a big deal to Jews. It was important that they could trace their history, because they tied a lot of things to it — such as property rights and assigned duties within the nation.

Squeezed in the middle of the genealogies in 1 Chronicles 4 are verses 9 and 10, which give us the only mentions of a man named Jabez.

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